Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore

Protect Yourself from Small Animals and Monkeys

As the name suggests, monkey safety nets in Bangalore are safety net which is used to prevent monkeys from entering the residential or commercial premises of a building. These nets are also used to cover the fruit-bearing trees, avoid the monkeys from eating the fruits on the trees and destroy the farm yield. Monkeys are curious and thief in nature; anything they find interesting, they just pick it up.

They can climb high-rise towers and easily enter the premises if no barricade stops them from entering. They can create a nuisance, attack people, and damage the property unknowingly. Monkeys are known to play around the trees while jumping from one tree to another tree; there is a chance that the branch of the tree can swing and come into contact with the building porch or overhang

The material used to manufacture monkey safety nets in Bangalore needs to be of strong nature; otherwise, the monkeys can easily break those nets with their hands, and the purpose of the net fails. The most commonly used nets are strengthened with stainless steel netting. It is durable, and the monkeys cannot easily break them. These stainless nets are broadly used in zoos and wild animal parks where the animals are kept for the viewing of the people.

In high rise towers, the monkey safety nets in Bangalore are used so that the monkeys or any small animals or birds cannot duct areas of the buildings as they can create their own house in such corners of the building. By littering around the ducts, they can create a very hazardous situation. In the farm area, the monkeys and small animals can enter the farm area and eat ripe fruits that are still hanging from the trees and damage the plantation, leading to loss to the farmer. The net will avoid such situations.