Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore

Monkey safety nets-need of the hour

Really!! This question might have popped in your mind after reading the title...And you all must be thinking that why I am using "Need" for a thing like monkey safety net.

  1. On 29th may 2020 a bizarre incident took place in which a monkey trespassed into an hospital and attacked lab technician and snatched vials containing blood samples of 3 coronavirus patients.
  2. Another incident took place in Agra where monkey snatched a baby from mother whole she was breastfeeding the baby.

There are numerous attacks like these. So,There isn't a single state which is completely safe from such attacks the worst among them are nothern states like Delhi, UP, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh.

Such attacks are affecting our day to day life. Children are reluctant in going outside to play and even elders have such fears as they are not able to spend their balcony time along with their family.

Issues are not limited to our domestic life only. Our tourism industry has also been affected adversely due to this as people are avoiding places which are prone to monkey attacks. The pilgrimages are especially crowded with a large number of tourists.

Moreover, monkeys are also be in multitude there. So, Monkey Safety nets become the one stop solution for such. Hence, we should opt for this good prevention in our lives.

These monkey safety nets are durable, easy to apply, adaptable to various climatic conditions and not very expensive. People who dwell at hilltops, around forests and pilgrimages are in dire need of these kind of nets.

If you are not willing to be the next victim than the only solution is - MONKEY SAFETY NETS