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L&T is one of the leading companies in Safety Nets; this is where you meet safety. We provide you the Safest Net Solutions with our sophisticated machines and technology. Our quality, reliability, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction is unmatched. Our Safety Nets constitutes strategic mix of your safety and our expertise to provide best in Quality product which are available at competitive prices. Our client safety is our first and main priority, our quality attests to expression. We pride on our Safety Nets Solutions as our skilled expertise work on from design to deliver. We adopt flawless designs and inspection methods to ensure the safety of our customers. We fabricated and perfected our design in providing you the best Safety Nets in business. Our professional teams commit to providing the best for you from design to installation. With our cutting edge technology, we are able to ace the safety solutions in Safety Nets.


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Balcony Safety Nets in Bangalore

Balcony Safety Nets In Bangalore

Balcony is where we go for the fresh air, enjoy some quality time with family and friends or to loosen up. One wrong step and we would be tangled in dangerous situations. Even if you have small garden where you spend quality time, you would not want it to turn into an unwanted situation when one of the pots lands in troublesome areas. And lots of balconies have a lot of space where some would play and have fun and one mistake could result in a very unfortunate incident.

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Anti Bird Nets For Balcony

Birds are the part of our eco system and are present in every locality. We enjoy their presence but they do cause problems in our daily activity. From entering our building or office space and nesting at the different parts of our building. Birds make their nest in the ducts, AC pipes and in ventilators and lay eggs which could become problem and in time dirty. By their actions they could end up causing issues to electronics and push them to killing themselves.

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Anti Bird Nets For Balcony in Bangalore

Pigeon Nets For Balconies in Bangalore

Pigeon Nets For Balconies In Bangalore

Pigeons could be beautiful to watch them fly. It is perfect scenery to watch flock of pigeons fly. But they could cause serious issue and create major problems to your balconies and to your offices spaces. Not only could they make our balconies dirty by pooping and taking away the cleanliness. They could lead you into some dangerous situation such as Pigeon waste contains bacteria, virus and germs which could lead to the spread of diseases. Their waste could different diseases to you and the people that live with you. You could prevent all that by using the Pigeon Safety Nets provided by L&T Pigeon Safety Nets.

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Children Safety Nets For Balcony

Parents always worry on keeping their children safe and we could not agree more. Children safety is the most important concern of any parent when you live in buildings with balconies or some open space. Children go and play in balcony all the time and in such instances any incident could occur and there is high chance in one such instances you could be not present. And you cannot always keep your children from playing in the balcony. This is where you use L&T Children Safety Nets in order to keep your kids safe. Our Children Safety Nets are designed and made especially to make your children safe when they are playing in balcony.

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Children Safety Nets in Bangalore

Monkey Protection Nets in Bangalore

Monkey Protection Nets

As we all know Monkeys are one of the most intelligent and mischievous animals. Their acts in jungle, when they jump from one tree to another could rather be entertaining to all of us but it could become dangerous and troublesome situation when they are seen in our neighbourhood. They could wreak havoc if they enter your building which could be problem to us as well as it could be fatal to them. In order to avoid such situations you could use our L&T Monkey Safety Nets and be safe from the attacks of unpredictable creatures.

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Glass Safety Nets For Building

As we are moving towards the future, most of the buildings and apartments use glass in their construction. Glass surely adds up elegant look to the buildings and apartments but it does increase the risk factor to the buildings and to the people who are in and around it. Glass Buildings could look elegant and most amazing but taking safety precautions will add up zing to it. L&T Glass Building Safety Nets provide you just what you need to keep your buildings safe and people who are in and around it. When damage is caused to glass it falls everywhere and may harm everyone around. Sometimes it could be very dangerous fatal injuring people who are around it when the glass is damaged or broken.

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Glass Safety Nets For Building in Bangalore

Duct Area Safety Nets in Bangalore

Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct Areas are often forgotten to secure by many of us. L&T provides the best Duct Area Safety Nets. Duct Areas at apartments, high rise buildings, malls, offices and houses could be found and they are often neglected and left uncovered. Those uncovered Duct Areas could be dangerous as children could be playing and not knowingly they could climb and put themselves in harmful situations. Even Birds could make their nests and lay eggs and make it messy, which may lead to many diseases to adults and children. And a minor mistake from people could lead into dangerous and unwanted situation. You could avoid all that just by getting our L&T Duct Area Safety Nets installed.

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Coconut Tree Fall Protection Safety Nets

In India, Coconut is seen in every state as it provides us the benefits for our healthier lifestyle. Coconut has some amazing health benefits. You may be the one of the people who is making world a better place by growing the coconut trees. Even after the coconut water is used for our health benefit, left out part of coconuts help us many other ways. But it comes with one risk that is, if the coconut falls it could damaged heavily or hurt someone which could lead to life threatening situation. You could prevent those dangerous situations from happening by contacting us and getting our L&T Coconut Safety Nets installed.

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Coconut Tree Fall Protection Safety Nets

Staircase Safety Nets in Bangalore

Staircase Safety Nets

L&T Staircase Safety Nets provide you the most durable and reliable safety nets to your staircase. Each and every building has staircase and there could be a situation where children are immersed deeply in their game and unaware of the situation they are in and may slip injure them and you might fail to stop it. As a parent it is our jobs to ensure their safety and keep them safe. You should install our L&T Staircase Safety Nets to ensure your kids safety. L&T Staircase Safety Nets is not only for children but also for adults who carry expensive electronics or gadgets which may accidentally could slip and fall but do not our L&T Staircase Safety Nets will be there to keep them safe if they ever slip. It is also applicable for older people who risk falling. L&T Staircase Safety Nets is the solution for such problem.

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All Types Sports Nets

As we all love to play different kinds of sports and different kinds of sports have one thing in common that is safety needs. All the games need safety measures to avoid any injury or damage while playing. L&T Sports Nets provide best quality and amazing durable Sports Nets which are made from premium quality materials. Our Sports are available at affordable price and will last longer than any other nets available in the business. Due to the lack of good quality protection, many people injuries while playing. Our professional team designed product to provide the maximum protection. Now you can easily customise safety nets according to the sports you play. By being safe you could participate more and enjoy the playing the game you love.

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All Types Sports Nets in Bangalore

Construction Safety Nets in Bangalore

Construction Safety Nets

As we all know construction work is done with accuracy but accidents happen from time to time at construction sites which could result in dangerous and harmful situations. Safety measures should be taken in order to avoid such situations. L&T Construction Safety Nets provide best premium quality nets. At Construction sites there could be situation where the construction materials could fall from heights and harm someone or could destroy the materials. Both situations will bring loss to you. You could avoid all those dangerous situations and ensure everyone’s safety in and around the construction site by installing our L&T Construction Safety Nets which lasts for a very long time as they are durable and reliable.

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